About Al

Prepping for the Killer App

Allen McPherson is a retired computer scientist living in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Prior to his retirement, Al labored for eleven years (1979-1990) at the Boeing Company in Seattle and 31 years (1990-2021) at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Al spends his his free time traveling, watching Cubs games, riding his mountain bike, and Prepping for the Killer App™.

Al earned a couple of computer science degrees (BA79, MS95) and has worked in many interesting technical areas including technical publication systems, user interfaces, scientific visualization, high performance computing, volume visualization, ocean circulation rendering, advanced HPC architectures, HPC application co-design, and workflow managemnt software. You can read more about his professional career at LinkedIn.

To contact Al, ping him on Twitter at @LosAlamosAl or send him an email.